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Cyber Bully

Be aware of what your kids are doing online. Learn the warning signs of a potential cyber bully.

Wireless Alerts

With more devices than Americans, emergency personnel view mobile devices as important communications tools to alert people as soon as possible that their lives or property are seriously at risk.  

Pulled Over?

What to do if you are pulled over. The first question that a police officer hears from a motorist during a stop is usually, "Why did you stop me?"

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Stranger Danger


Kids! Remember that:
People who look friendly are NOT always necessarily nice! Be alert and aware and KEEP SAFE by knowing these safety tips!


  • Memorize and know your name, address, phone number and parents cell number.
  • Use the buddy system.  Don’t walk anywhere alone. Walk with a friend to have more fun.
  • Trust your instincts – if you feel you are being followed or something is not right, get help immediately or go someplace safe.
  • Always tell your parents where you are going and call them when you get there.
  • Don't take shortcuts through the woods, a back street or empty lot.
  • Do not get close to strangers. Take 3 steps back and make room to get away.
  • Don't ever tell your name, address or school name to a stranger.
  • Never take candy, money or gifts from a stranger. It could be a trick!
  • Never go with a stranger to help look for a lost pet or play a game.
  • Never get into a car with anyone you don't know without your parents OK.
  • If a stranger follows you or grabs for you, yell real loud. Shout, "I don't know you," so people know you are in trouble. Fight back and make as much noise as you can. If they threaten to hurt you or your family, keep yelling. They can’t hurt you from jail!
  • Never, ever, hitchhike!
  • Know safe places you can go. Try a police or fire station, the library, a store where people are or a friend’s house
  • If a stranger bothers you, run away and ask a trusted adult for help.
  • If someone is following you try to remember the license plate of his or her vehicle and immediately tell a trusted adult
  • If anyone touches you in a bad way, say "NO" as loudly as you can and run away. Then, tell an adult right away.
  • Trust your feelings. If something feels funny or wrong to you, YOU CAN SAY NO. It is good to say no to an adult who tries to do something that is wrong.
  • Tell someone you trust what happened, even if the person said it was a secret or that they would hurt you or someone else if you told.
  • Tell your parents about places or people that make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Talk to your parents and come up with a secret code word for emergencies. Never go with anyone unless they know the code word.
  • Know how and when to call 9-1-1.
  • Never open the door to a stranger.
  • Never tell anyone on the phone you are alone. Read Home Alone above again.
  • Do not tell callers your name, phone number, address or school name.
  • If you don't like what someone is saying on the phone, hang up right away.
  • If they call back, let the phone ring and let it go to the answering machine.
  • If you come home and a window in your house is broken or a door is open that shouldn't be, don't go in. Go to a trusted neighbor, or find a phone and call 911.
  • Don't wear your name Never put your name on the outside of your coat, lunch box, knapsack. Someone could trick you into thinking they know you by using your name.
  • If you get lost - If you are at the mall and you get separated from your parents, don't go wandering around. Look for a trusted adult  or go into a store and tell the clerk that you've lost your parents. They will know what to do. DO NOT GO OUTSIDE OF THE MALL WITH ANYONE, even if they tell you they saw your parents in the parking lot or that your parents told them to get you!
  • This Stranger Danger Trifold could not possibly include all the dangers to children, but, is intended as a good starting point to educate children on the subject! The Massachusetts Safety Officers League wants you to:

Be Aware, Be Alert and BE SAFE!


A Note For Parents

Stranger Danger lessons should be ongoing! Remember the single most important thing  when teaching your children about Stranger Danger - Instill confidence, rather than fear!

Equip your child with the knowledge and strategies they’ll need to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations. Also, base your lessons upon your child’s age and maturity level to achieve maximum results. While sharing the above tips with your child is extremely important, the best way to teach stranger danger lessons is through role-playing scenarios!



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