Abington Police Receive Donation of Scanner Products

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Abington, MA
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Abington Police Receive Donation of Scanner Products

Utilizing the wireless DataFetch Scan and See barcode scanner, police can now quickly and accurately gather driver and vehicle data during routine pull overs, auto accidents, or monitored events. All scanned data is sent wirelessly to the patrol unit's MDT, eliminating handwritten reports, the "head down" time of the officer, information errors, and making gathering of such incident data take under 5 seconds instead of minutes. The Scan and See barcode scanner reads and wirelessly transmits all PDF417 license barcodes and inspection sticker and vehicle VIN plate information to the MDT at distances over 200 feet - permitting on-location information retrieval of the involved vehicles and drivers without the officer returning repeatedly to the patrol unit computer to type in the information.
Attending the presentation of the DataFetch Scan and See were (L-R): Mark Burns, VP Sales of DataFetch, Chief David Majenski, Stephen Gosselin of Stephen Gosselin, Inc, and Officer Matt Owings


On July 15, 2010, The Abington Ma Police were the recipients of two DataFetch License Scanner systems from local contractor, Stephen Gosselin, Inc. In accepting the donation, Chief David Majenski stated: "The motto of the Abington Police is Community Partners, and Mr. Gosselin's donation of the DataFetch Scan & See products truly exemplifies the spirit of such community partnering. We are always here for the community of Abington, and in these difficult times where budgets and manpower are stretched to their limits, Mr. Gosselin has shown that the community is truly there for us as well. The DataFetch Scanner products will enhance officer safety and their overall efficiency in the normal course of their daily duties."
Mr. Gosselin added: "As a local businessperson, I see on a daily basis what the police of this town do for the community to make Abington a great place to live and work. I'm glad to be able to help them to do their job more safely and effectively"


Fast and Accurate Information Scanning

Officer Matt Owings, Abington PD, demonstrates the drivers license scanning capability of the DataFetch Scan & See system to Mr Gosselin.
License, VIN#, or Inspection sticker barcode data can be quickly and accurately scanned into the patrol car computer in seconds for processing and analysis. The wireless DataFetch scanner system works up to 200 feet from the computer and speeds accurate data entry by eliminating the need to type the information, and works under any lighting conditions.

"What used to take several minutes, now takes under 5 seconds", said Officer Owings. "This helps us to gather required information and clear incidents more quickly, allowing us to operate more efficiently"

Eliminate the vulnerability of having to turn and walk back to your car - know instantly at the driver's car whether you have a potentially dangerous suspect with the DataFetch Scan & See

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