FREE money! That’s what a thief sees when you leave your valuables in your car.

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Abington, MA
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Protect your valuables


Protect Your Valuables.

FREE money! That’s what a thief sees when you leave your valuables in your car. Lock your car, take your stuff inside.
The Abington Police Department wants you and your family to stay safe and secure. Help us protect you and your possessions.

Dear Abington Resident,

My name is Sergeant Shawn F. McCollem and I am currently the Midnight to 8 AM shift supervisor. We in Abington are experiencing a rash of car breaks and we need your help in catching and deterring these thieves. My officers and I are committed to stopping these breaks but we need your help. We are actively working to resolve this situation and we are looking at several non traditional ways to deter and apprehend these individuals. That being said, we need your eyes and ears. If you see someone or something out of place in your neighborhood or work place please call 9-1-1 immediately. It only takes seconds for a thief to break into a car and make off with your property. I have had the opportunity to speak with many residents in my career who express hesitation in calling or delay in calling for fear of bothering us. Other residents have expressed hesitation in calling because they fear that they may be over reacting to an innocent situation. Our officers would rather respond to 100 calls for a suspicious person and find out that there is no problem, than to not respond to just one crime in progress that we can interrupt.

You know your neighborhoods and workplaces better than any of us, you live there, you know the people, the cars and the daily routine of your neighborhood. When you see a person walking around that you haven’t seen before or a car parked in an unusual area, call us immediately. You can call 9-1-1 or the main number, 781-878-3232 , but please call. If you believe that you may have information on vehicles or persons whom you believe may be involved in these breaks or any other type of crime please call and tell us. If you wish to keep your identity a secret we will honor your wishes, but if possible we would like to get as much information as we can for future prosecution of individuals when they are caught.

If you have any questions please feel free to call myself or any other member of the Abington Police Department. Please feel free to call my phone number at the station, 781-878-3232 781-878-3232  x4908. If you feel more comfortable calling another officer with whom you are familiar please call that officer, everyone’s phone extension is listed on the website. You can also call the Anonymous Tip Line, 781-878-0100781-878-0100 , if you feel more comfortable. The biggest step is for you to call, with your eyes and ears we can put a stop to these breaks. The Abington Police Department and its officers are here for you and your families.


Sergeant Shawn F. McCollem
781-878-3232 x4908



1. Lock your car. Many people I speak with still leave their cars unlocked. Locking your car gives you the single most bang for your buck in protecting your valuables

2. Park in a well lit area and use outside floodlights on your house, thieves like the dark.

3. Remove all valuables from your vehicle, a thief will break into your vehicle for just a few dollars in change left in your ashtray.

4. Do not leave your GPS mount on your windshield and wipe off the circular marks left on the windshield by the mounting device. A thief will see the mount or the marks and think you have hidden the GPS in the car.

5. Do not leave power cords for your cell phone, GPS or I-Pod plugged in and visible. This is an invitation that you have these items hidden in your car.

6. Do not leave duffle bags in your vehicle, thieves have recently started breaking windows just to take the duffle bag hoping that there is something of valuable in it.

7. If you must leave items in your vehicle put them in the trunk where they cannot be seen and are hard to get to. Getting into a trunk is harder than breaking a window.

8. Keep an eye out for your neighbors and ask them to keep an eye out for you.

9. Immediately report anyone or anything that is out of place in your neighborhood or work place. You know the routines of yourneighborhood and work places better that we do.

10. If your vehicle is broken into do not touch anything and call 9-1-1 immediately. The best chance we have of recovering your items it to process the vehicle for evidence. Once you go through your car or drive it to the station, the chance of us obtaining usable fingerprints or evidence is drastically reduced.



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