Internal Affairs

Professional Standards and Internal Affairs

As society's designated representative to uphold its laws, the Police Officer is held to a higher standard than other citizens. It is the responsibility of every Abington Police Department member to promote this ideal. The Abington Police Department is committed to maintaining the integrity of its members and is dedicated to upholding the trust of the community. To preserve that integrity and trust, the department accepts and investigates formal and anonymous complaints from citizens of the community, and from internal sources.

The Professional Standards and Internal Affairs Unit was formed with the mission of assuring the integrity of the Abington Police Department by maintaining an internal system that is objective, fair and equitable in its methods of internal investigation. The Internal Affairs Unit investigates all complaints or allegations of corruption, use of excessive force, breach of civil rights, criminal misconduct, and violations of department policy.

All aspects regarding the monitoring of professional standards will be performed diligently with fairness and integrity. A proper administrative system will not only provide for necessary corrective action, but will also protect employees from unwarranted and unjustified complaints.

If you wish to contact the Internal Affairs Unit or file a complaint:
please call
Chief David Majenski at (781) 878-3232 Ext. 4900 or email at

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