Abington Police Frequently Asked Questions

I was stopped by a police officer last night and my vehicle was towed;  How do I get my vehicle back?

Your vehicle has been towed by one of the on-call tow companies.  If you don’t know who towed your vehicle you can contact us and we can tell you.  Have your license plate number handy when you contact us as our records reference this number and the date of the tow.
Once you know where your vehicle is located you will need a “Tow Release” issued by our department prior to the tow company releasing your vehicle, even if it’s your own vehicle.  A “Tow Release” is a simple one page document we print at the front desk for you to bring to the tow yard.  We have built this procedure into our process so that we can ensure that your vehicle is legal to operate on the roads,(registered) that you are legal to operate it (no license suspension) and that it isn’t released to the wrong person (domestic violence issues).  If you are having another tow company pick up your vehicle then they would need to come to the station to get a release. 
Please understand that our tow companies is not permitted to release a vehicle without a tow release, this is for your protection. 

The following is a list of our tow companies;
Bailey’s Garage 781-878-1570
Rt 18 Auto Body 781-878-3863   
Lou’s Auto Body 781-878-2347
Lynch’s Towing 781-857-3030
Universal Auto Body 781-878-2244

I was issued a parking ticket; where do I pay the fine or if I wish, how do I appeal it?

If you wish to pay the ticket you can do this two ways; you can pay online at www.plymouthcountyparking.com or pay by a postal note, money order or check may payable to Plymouth County Treasurer, Parking Clerk, 11 South Russell St. Plymouth MA  02360-7912.  If payment is not made within 21 days, you will be subject to an additional $10 on each of the $10 fines.

If you wish to appeal your parking ticket you can request an appeal in writing by contacting the Parking Clerk, Town Office, Abington MA  02351, within 21 days from issue.    

There is an unknown dog wondering around my house;  who do I call?

Animal Control is now a part time position with the Animal Control Officer covering both Whitman and Abington.  If you have a non-emergency animal issue, please call, Bob Hammond, our ACO at 781-447-1522.  If you have an emergency call the Abington Police Department at 781-878-3232 and press “0” for a dispatcher or 9-1-1. 

It is not forecasted to snow tonight; can I park my vehicle on the edge of the roadway in front of my house? 

The answer is “no”.  Abington has a winter overnight parking ban that is in effect from November 15th to April 15th.   This ban is in effect no matter what the forecast is.  This ensures compliance when it really does snow.  During a winter storm officers are often busy with power lines down, traffic accidents and other emergency calls which pre-occupy us.  Enforcing the ban allows our officers to focus on life safety issues and not waste time trying to get vehicles moved out of the way.

Cars are speeding by my house every day; is there something that can be done to stop this?

Yes, if you feel speeding traffic is a problem on your street, please call or email Chief Majenski, majic@abingtonpolice.org.  The Chief takes all these complaints very serious and will see to it that an officer is assigned to your area for traffic enforcement.  Although we love to spend several days on your street, there are many other streets and calls for service that sometimes prevents us from doing this, however, we will dedicate as much time as we can to your issue.  

I’m going on vacation and no one will be around to check on my home, does the Abington Police offer this service?

Yes, we would love to check your property while you are away.  Our ability to check it depends on our calls for service; however we can usually get by at least once per day or once per week for longer absence periods.  Officers will walk around the exterior of your property and look for anything out of place.  If we find anything or have any questions we will call you at a number you provide.  Have a great vacation!   

I’m unsure of how to install my newborn’s child seat into my car; can the police show me how to do this?

We don’t offer this service, however I believe the Abington Fire Department offers it.  To be sure of this you can call ahead at 781-878-1414.

I was in an accident; How do I get an accident report?

Fill out a Records Request Form. Be sure to include as much information as you can about the record you are requesting, including the date and approximate time of the incident, the name of the parties involved, and the requestor’s contact information.
Request Forms can be mailed back to or dropped off at the Records Department. The operating hours of the Records Department are Monday through Thurdsday from 9am to 5pm. The records department can be reached at 781-347-5303. You may also fax your request to 781-347-5344. Requests may take up to 5 business days to process.

If you are an attorney requesting records for your client or an agent working on behalf of an insurance company, there will be a $5.00 processing fee assessed. Receipts are available upon request.
Please contact JoAnn Gillis at 781-347-5303 in the Records Department for any questions you have regarding your requests.

I was arrested last month and my case is coming to court; How do I get a copy of the police arrest report?

It is our department policy to limit access to our arrest reports for CORI reasons. If you have been charged with a crime, a copy of your police report will be made available to you or your attorney at your arraignment. Your attorney may also make a request to our Records Department on your behalf. There is one exception to this rule: If you are the victim of a domestic violence arrest, you are entitled to a copy of the police report.
We follow the guidelines set forth in the Massachusetts Public Records Law about the release of our reports.  It is possible that the report you are looking for is not able to be released based on the content or nature of the call. You will be informed by the Records Clerk as to why exactly your request has been denied. There are times when a report can be released, but only after the protected information has been redacted. If you notice black marks on the record you requested, it is because that information is not considered public record and therefore not releasable.
Large records requests may be charged additional fees for search and segregation as well as materials. If your request falls in this category, the clerk will let you know the approximate cost before the request is processed.  Payment will be due at the time of the request, prior to us starting any work on your project. 
Please contact JoAnn Gillis at 781-347-5303 in the Records Department for any questions you have regarding your requests.

I called the police to my house; there were no criminal charges filed so can I get a copy of the report?

Yes, fill out a Records Request Form and forward it to the records department following the procedures above.

I called 9-1-1 by mistake; I was then told that an officer must come to my house to check on me.  Why do you have to send an officer when I said I was o.k. and just dialed the number by mistake?

We do this for your safety.  There are documented cases where a person called 9-1-1 and then quickly hung up.  When the police called her back she stated there was no problem, that she just dialed it by mistake.  When checked at the home, the police found a victim who was forced to report there was “no problem” at the address.  We send only one officer, just to speak to someone at the door.  If everything appears o.k. we leave.  






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